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... and more of the same, though different.

Two moms at Pride Two dads at Pride Don't ask, don't tell about the ruby slippers
There was a fair sampling of folks on the topic of gay marriage and the state's refusal to recognize same-sex couples as unions. (Since I gave the two moms a photo slot, I figure dads should get equal time.) Don't ask, and don't tell... but you must reveal where you got those divine ruby shoes!
Actual girls doing a Gwen Stefani song A disco-ball-like Pino Q television truck -- we're live on TV!
Dancing to a Gwen Stefani song, this group dressed up as girls were actually all-natural girls. Is there anything more fabulous than a disco-ball mirrored Pinto? I think not, my dancing queens. If you want to see yourself on TV, stand in front of the truck and then tune into the Q television network.
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