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At 800,000 people people (a big jump from the 9,100 census in the late 16th century), Stockholm is home to more than a fifth of the country's population. With a foundation found in history as early as the year 1252 AD, it's also a far older city than we can even fathom over here in the United States.

Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
The city is a blending of old and new, merged seamlessly to make for a functional, pretty ol' town. It's springtime, but I get the feeling that green and flowery are not just a few moths out of the year here. The Riksdagshuset (parliament) complex in Stockholm.
Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
The harbor in Stockholm -- far bigger than this, but this looks more quaint, don't ya think? The Swedish World Trade Center located in Stockholm. Taking a gander across the street from above (the vantage point of being at the train station).

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