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Vasa Museum

In grand fashion, in 1626 the Swedish Navy commissioned and built Vasa, and about a mile from being set to sea, it tipped over and sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. (The 64-gun warship was top-heavy, but no one much had the nerve to speak up and point this design issue out to the king.) It was discovered, virtually intact, in the harbor in 1953, and was pulled to the surface in 1961. Vasa arrived in its current home in 1989 to the delight of history and maritime buffs -- and 25 million visitors (and counting).

Vasa Museum, Sweden Vasa Museum, Sweden Vasa Museum, Sweden
The Vasamuseet, or Vasa Museum complex in all its grandeur. The modern home of the Vasa, complete with replica masts -- to scale -- of the warship inside. Some of the ship's rigging.
Vasa Museum, Sweden Vasa Museum, Sweden Vasa Museum, Sweden
Some of the ship's rigging. The rear (stern) of the ship. A view onto the upper deck areas.

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