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Opened in 1889, the Point Sur Lighthouse stands 270 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Unlike many lighthouses, this one doesn't mark a bay or harbor, but rather, is a coastal light -- built just to warn ships of the coast and rocky shores being here. And where they're rocks, there I am. (You can also peruse their web site, here.)

Like most everything else I do, or the government owns, odds are it begins with a sign of some sort. From the far end of the parking area, you can see the path we will take, and in the fog, the top. The oil house first provided gas for the light, then to the generator 'till electricity arrived here in 1949.
After a good chunk of walking (about 1/2 mile and up to 270 feet), we got to the Point Sur light. As you begin to climb the stairs up, you can look down at the pretty white staircase railings. One of the tower's windows, facing the ocean side. A little Windex would shine these up right pretty.

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