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.We started by parking -- legally -- at a meter on New York at 17th Street, and $2 got us 2 hours. From there, we did walking around the White House, then down to the Lincoln Memorial by way of the Reflecting Pond, to the Vietnam Memorial, out to Jefferson Memorial, and wrapping up with a circling tour of the Capitol (you can't get too close due to security these days.)

The fences are both security and a construction thing. (The back view is a bit more familiar to many.) The Lincoln Memorial as seen from about halfway down the Reflecting Pool. And at the Lincoln-end of the Pool (one I stole from Robin's camera, even).
From the front steps of the Lincoln Memorial, you can just see Honest Abe. So, walk up the steps, and there he is now as he was when alive, sitting larger than life. And if you were the super-tall Abe, you'd see the Pond and Monument about like this.

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