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In 1620, some folks landed somewhere in Plymouth aboard the Mayflower. While they didn't note a rock anywhere in historic journals, it eventually becomes a symbol of what the freedom meant to the Pilgrims. (Want more? Read more.)

Not only is it Plymouth, it's HISTORIC Plymouth... and that's a rock-solid sign. They're not exactly sure where the landing was, since no one talked about it until 1741. But if you were to build a monument, you have to start somewhere, so you may as well...
... built it on top of a rock with the year 1620 stamped in it. But the historian first spoke up in 1741. The Mayflower 2 anchored in the Plymouth harbor. Not a big boat, but big enough to do the trick. If you're more of the Captain Cook sort, well, worry not -- they have a boat ready for you to visit, too.

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