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Back in 1692, there was a great sale on rope and tall trees became popular as the town killed off a dozen and a half or so suspected witches. Today, they've got witches on the lampposts, police car doors, and on more t-shirts than you can swing a broom at.

Well, there were signs with witches on them, but this one had gold paint, and that's shinier. The harbor between Salem and Beverly. Nothing special, but it was pretty, and not too blurry. The winner: Russian Orthodox. The runner-up was Greek Orthodox, and The Onion House.
The Burying Point, setup in Salem in 1637, and home to many of the town's dead. But no witches seen. Giles was one of the 20 or so folks who were killed for being a witch -- but unlike the others, not hanged. The cemetery that holds the graves of some past residents, including a few Mayflower pilgrims.

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