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Niagara Falls is bordered by New York and the United States on the east, and Canada and Toronto, Quebec on the west. Not wanting to fuss with probably border delays, we stuck to the U.S. side, but there was plenty of view, pathways and moisture to keep us busy without drifting to the Land of the Red Maple Leaf.

You know the town is going to offer great things when they put up a sign this big. Brick buildings. Only because (a) I like brick, and (b) I want to show more than just the Falls. The feeder rivers of the falls are from Lake Erie. The water reaches speeds of up to 50 MPH in places.
Terrapin Point Horsehoe Falls. In the spring, 675,000 gal./sec. are falling 167 feet down to the river. American Falls. With a flow of 75,000 gallons a second, the water here falls 176 downward. There is a tour (we didn't take it) where you can go down here. And yes, you're given rain gear.

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