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By virtue of spending the night at the Anchorage Motel, we got a first-hand glimpse of Lake Champlain. The problem, of course, was if we start too early, it's very, very dark.

As noted, very, very dark. 6:30am Eastern Time. Pacing, we took snaps of a few other things. The street lights were a bit more helpful in preventing the overly dark photos. Of course, carrying a tripod around has finally paid off, and the pictures weren't totally shaky for once.
In a bold variance from the norm, the picture of the sign is in square #4, and not #1. Exciting stuff, eh? The harbor at Rouses Point. And a teeny lighthouse sort of thing on the far right of the breakwater. The city offices, er... "Village Offices." But it's built in 1907 or so, out of brick. Cool, huh?

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