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Tupper Lake came to the itinerary by way of a suggestion from Jon, one of Tubby's co-workers who has family hailing from the area. And just as you or I expected, the town was surrounded by a lake. But not just any lake -- it was Tupper Lake.

There were three town signs to choose from, but this is the only one with gold-colored letters. Movie night? There's not a lot of options, but the offering is a current feature release, at least. Holy Name Catholic church... but in a region heavy with churches, the balance here was perfect.
The Lumberjack Inn, complete with a train and a small town built onto its roof. Hooligans found drinking. Regular, chocolate and strawberry milk. I guess this program is working. See? I saved the best for last. It's Tupper Lake, as seen from the park's gazebo-like building.
Here's a link for you: The Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks at The "Visitor's Center" is in downtown Tupper Lake, and should have some interesting displays of what to expect when the museum is completed. There is some really cool technology going into this. Don't know whether it's "Frank" material, but thought you might be interested for yourself if you do end up passing through the area.

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