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Philadelphia is also known as the City of Brotherly Love. Beyond that, it's been a city filled with history since the place got started as the result of a charter, granted by Charles II on March 4, 1681. The city has been the site for the drafting of famous historical documents, hosts a number of museums and historical artifacts, and even a fountain that's purple-pink.

True to its name, there are reminders of love everywhere in Philadelphia. Independence Hall (built 1732- 1753). The Constitution and Dec of Independence were drafted here. The Liberty Bell was first to be used by the state, but became a national symbol as time wore on.
Carpenter's Hall, built 1774. The Carpenters lent the building out to statesmen for government tasks. The city hall of Philadelphia, with its distinctive statue perched high above the building. Some row homes just a block or two away from the historic square of buildings we saw a bit earlier.

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