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Not the biggest city in Rhode Island, and not the smallest. But solidly in between, partially given there's not that many cities in the state. And, even though we visited around the afternoon rush hour, traffic was still really light by California standards.

I couldn't really find a sign, and I figure the street sign for the main street in town was good enough. Town Hall. It's old. So old that it wouldn't fit in one of these modern-shaped pictures. In the early years, the churches had to be built to repel invaders. (The blurs are a touch of my own.)
The water tower is now serving a new master -- the mobile phone industry, as a relay tower. It's a street. But it has a tree on it, and the tree has leaves changing colors. Close 'nuff. Can you just imagine how much the pastor would have paid to get such a heavenly glow to the place.

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