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 "The Sunshine State"  
Florida has no official motto

"No motto, sure, but lots of beaches and keys." -Frank

Atlantic Beach - Not a planned stop, but well worth it.  A cozy little town that sits right on the beach leading to the Atlantic Ocean.  (Oct. '01)

Daytona Beach - Home of the Daytona something-or-other with racing cars, I figured it was worth a look.  (Mar. '02)

Florida Keys - Key West right around Spring Break.  Lovely, charming.  And more college co-eds than I could count (yea!).  (Mar. '02)

Hollywood - In celebrating my 18th birthday, I took a week-long trip to Florida -- without Tubby! (Feb. '05)

Jacksonville - Due to poor planning, we didn't know what to go see, so aside from a few city sky-line pictures, I got nothin'.  (Oct. '01)

Key West - Key West right around Spring Break (trip #1), and in the autumn around Halloween (trip #2). Both good times. (Mar. '02, Oct. '08)

Miami - It wasn't a prolonged visit, but we were there, so it gets a page, darn it. (Mar. '02)

Pensacola (aka Pepsi-Cola, in my world) - More co-eds here, but with the fog rolling in, some of the charm was lost, to be honest. (Mar. '02)

St. Augustine - The signs announced the oldest city in the United States, dating back to the 1500s.  This was worth a peek.  (Mar. '02)

Titusville and the NASA thingy - Cape Caniveral is just down the road, but there was a bunch of NASA stuff here (albeit in the dark).  (Mar. '02)

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