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 "The Peach State"  
 Motto: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation

"A great place to be, for lots of reasons. I just can't name them." -Frank

Atlanta - The state capital and host of the 1996 Summer Olympics.  It seemed only fitting to visit Olympic Park.  (Mar. '02)

Macon - I was quite fond of this town, despite its odd water supply and over-abundance of churches.  Maybe because I thought of "bacon" each time I heard the town's name; dunno.  (Mar. '02)

Savannah - This quaint little town founded in 1733 on this bit 'o earth, 17 miles upstream from the Atlantic, and a mere mile from the South Carolina state line. (Oct. '01)

Savannah Hooters - Through a stroke of good fortune, I had the opportunity to dine in Hooters Savannah on the second night they were open for business.  (Oct. '01)

Sunbury & Ft. Morris - Aside from a cemetery plot, this town is a memory, lost in the pages of history. Thriving in 1760, 'tis nothing today. (Oct. '01)

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