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Not much larger than a flip on the maps and the road between Silver Springs and Dayton, yet, here Stagecoach sits. Having spent 20 minutes there (11 of them at the fuel station), I can see why it's little more than a whistle stop of a community along Highway 50.

Stagecoach, Nevada Stagecoach, Nevada Stagecoach, Nevada
The sign, all things considered, may be in better shape than the town as a whole. Dunno about you, but would you want to try to market a home for sale on Warpath Drive? The strip mall, which seems to be all in one, except for the fuel station (clean restroom there, too).
Stagecoach, Nevada Stagecoach, Nevada  
And the aforementioned fuel station, complete with a photo of another nice-condition road sign. This property isn't for sale, but as you can see, room for growth and all utilities are to the site.  

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