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Standing as something of a big city next to neighbors like Blair and Martha, Granite numbers well over 1,500 people... signs point to 1,617, even. But don't let the downtown's non-facade brick buildings fool you... more than a few of these businesses are no longer in Granite.

A time-worn sign for a trooper of a town. And the town playing fields are right beyond the signs. From the highway, I thought I was looking at a church. Nope. Just a temple to the grain gods. The downtown and its brick is a nice sight, indeed. Unfortunately, most of the shops are empty.
Just to give you a thrill, here's the only traffic light I found in Granite. (It was 64°F at 10:20am today.) They're asking $11,500 for this '53 Chevy. I jotted down the number if you're interested -- just email me. There were all sorts of homes here, but this one happened to block my view of the rocky hills.

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