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State Flag

 "Beaver State"  
 Motto:  Alis Volat Propiis (She Flies With Her Own Wings)

"Nothing's finer than someone pumping my gas, by law." -Frank

Sign at State Line

Ashland - Home of th Shakespeare Festival, even if I've yet to be allowed to go see a play. (Jun. '03)

Durkee - Small enough to not even have a sign, but it does have a perpetual yard sale going on. (Jun. '03)

Eugene - I can't think of anything clever to describe Eugene... but I'm open to suggestions. (Jun. '03)

Grants Pass - The home of numerous, brightly colored bears lining the downtown streets. (Jun. '03)

Oakland - Not quite what I'd expected, but then again, my comparison had been Oakland, California.  (May '02)

Ontario - Just inside the Oregon-Idaho state line, and the first place along I-84 where others must pump my gas. (Jun. '03)

Portland - About as close as you can get to Washinton without falling over the state line. (Apr. '04)

Pendleton - Well, they have a Dairy Queen, and some other stuff, too. (Jun. '03)

Roseburg - The only place I've visited, so far, that has a drive-thru convenience store. (Jun. '03)

Salem - The state capital of Oregon, and an odd-looking capital at that. (Jun. '03)

Springfield - Just one of many "Springfield" towns across the United States... and no Simpsons-characters here...  (May '02)

Talent - Not a ton of stuff here, but a really cool name for a town. (Jun. '03)

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