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How time flies, why, it seems as though I was just here in East Helena, Montana a mere decade ago for a wedding... and here we are again. (Different bride *and* groom, though, just to be clear.) And for the record, after the last East Helena reception in a quonset hut, when I caught wind of the event being in a barn, my expectations were quite low. How pleasant a surprise.

I heard the wedding would be in a barn -- but not a historical landmark sort of fancy barn. Nice! Not to say *all* the buildings were as nice... this one hasn't survived nearly as well. Not the clearest photo of the ceremony... and why I don't lend my camera to toddlers (any more).
The interior seems to be always setup for weddings, but with no cows on the farm, makes sense. Here's the contest: the bride and several of her six siblings are seen here -- can you find them all? And no wedding is complete without a snap of the lovely couple with the cutest duck in the room.

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