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In the beginning... I was off and bound for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And all without the tubby bastard (woohoo!). Yessiree, I got to travel with real live human females, and they were cute, too -- never hurts any. Strangely enough, I never realized how much I could meet new people until I dumped the 180+ pound balding dead weight, either.
5:46pm We gathered at the starting point, waiting for the second of the two girls to arrive home. There was a general greeting from family members; I just sat quietly in the car.
6:00pm The second of the girls got home from that dreadful place she calls work.
6:17pm We're on Interstate 5 and well on our way, after the girl's family had a prayer session for safe travel and enjoyable company. I know I’m safe because I’m always enjoyable.
10:21pm We stop for the evening at a relative of the girls' (Joanne, a featured FrankPal). After we gathered necessary items, we headed inside to our sleeping quarters. The girls’ aunt was nice enough to (1) heat mashed potatoes [I declined them] and chicken drummetts, (2) offer some cheesecake – it has an interesting texture, (3) make me a little pillow to lay my downy head on, and (4) show some home videos of the girl and the girl’s sister. Adorable munchkins, eh.
11:25pm I'm departing this day to go make sleepy eyes. Ta-ta!

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