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Today, the real journey begins - driving straight through from Southern California to New Orleans, Louisiana -- a small trek of only 1,916 miles or so.
4:31am The second sister rolled out of bed and into the shower. I also showered, but it only took a few seconds, as the water just rolled off my back like... it rolls off a duck's back. Needless to say, I was already waiting to get move on. And oh yeah, I got to sleep with the girls. ;)
4:48am The first sister groggily fell out of bed. I did caution her to move the blankets, but what do I know?
5:27am The girl started the car (her nice car, not the now-retired Green Spam Can) and I was firmly planted next to her left thigh. I was the designated navigator, even if there wasn't much to see. We began by filling up with gas; at $2.059 a gallon, I almost wished I were an African swallow.
8:58am Stopped for gas ($1.959 a gallon) in Blythe, CA -- and I had to do the dirty work -- and a quick jaunt with some toilet paper. What? Do you take me for an uncouth duck? I’ve been known to use some TP. Inside Lovekin Liquor Ultramart was an unpleasant odor -- the second sister described it as a combination of Long John Silver’s and funk. Personally, it reminded me of rotting cow -- don’t ask how I know this. The second sister then started talking about camels and how fun it’d be to ride over the San Jacinto mountains via humpback. Hmm, I’m willing stand and takes pictures from afar.
9:10am (MST) Crossed into Arizona, land of many correctional facilities apparently. The two favorite road signs were: Correctional Facility Next Exit: Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers and Inmates at Work Ahead: Do Not Pull Over. And what the duck is a “coyote wash”??
10:32am I'll take game show RVs for $400, Alex.
1:23pm Pulled into the Marana, AZ Circle K to fill up ($1.769 a gallon). Marana’s law enforcement was in full force -- at lunch. (I like the dark window tint, too.) We opted to eat where the police presence wasn't so... present, thus, we did the Jack-in-the-Box thing. Only made the first sister marginally sick. I was fine. Go Jack!
4:24pm Stopped in Deming, NM for the shiznitz fuel. $1.539 a gallon -- not too shabby. Was told however that the bathrooms were in a dismal state -- something about lavender paint and floaters (?). I did find time, though, to defeat this bear and tame a wild stallion.
7:39pm (CST) Let the Texas accent begin. We passed not only into Texas but the Central time zone as well. The girl was talking to Baldie and it was confirmed that we were in central time definitely -- no matter what the Nextel was purporting as chronological truth. Immediately, we noticed a foul (yes, I spelled that correctly!) smell. “Oh my gosh” rang out time and again. (We passed many a Holstein very near to I-10. Too near for my tastes, unfortunately.)
8:10pm We had to pass through an inspection station where we were questioned. My fellow travelers were ready to deny owning agricultural products. Rather they got to say, “Yes, I’m a citizen.” As they waited in line to utter those oh-so important words, they got a look at this truck - you can’t go wrong with a video game sponsored by Hooters.
9:15pm Took exit 180 in Kent, Texas to stop at the Chevron for gas ($1.899 a gallon). They were closed, but that was okay because we found one at exit 181, 3/4 miles away. I thought Texas didn’t have any Chevrons. The place had a smokey smell and a strange employee. Wonder why he didn’t want his picture taken? And all the while the second sister was really getting into the squeegee thing... grr...
10:40pm Starvation set in, not for me of course. The girls had to double back to exit 258 along the Texas portion of I-10. They wanted Burger King and, as they were carting me around, so who was I to complain? Joshua, the manager fellow, agreed to pose with me in a picture. What a sport!

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