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Yes... we're still driving for part of the day... think of it as an on-going extension from yesterday, (Yup, perhaps the Bald Wonder should consider bringing a third driver on our trips, 'cuz just him and me driving isn't nearly as efficient.) Of course, it's also Fat Tuesday today, which would explain the brief black-out and lack of updates after 11am. (I'm only 10 ounces, and as such, have a low tolerance for most any beverage beyond Pepsi products.)
12:07am (CST) Stopped in Ozona (that’d still be Texas, y’all) for the usual, at $1.699 a gallon. Thelma handed the first sister back her VISA card and told her that the pumps were open. “Pump first, then pay.” I saw the look of incredulity she gave the plump Thelma --- yeah, that girl is definitely from California --- she even locked the car every single time she stepped out out of it. Paranoid little twit.
12:10am Gently dozing. The second sister was driving. Driving for the blind. I kept waking up to “thump, thump, thump, thump”, a giggle, and then and “oops.” The other person in the car was blissfully unaware of what was occurring. Lucky nurse (first sister) -- she’s got the medicine hook-up. Not that I’m insinuating anything at all.
3:25am Received advice from one Jessie in San Antonio, Texas. This Chevron babe instructed my traveling buddies to lock arms if necessary in Nawlins. I think the words “don’t get separated no matter what” were repeated at least thrice. You know, I can be an excellent protector. Honestly. Oh, and $1.499 a gallon here.
7:28am The adorable sister found a great, well, find. Now I’m really switched on. Yeah, I think bobtails should be prosecuted as well. Damn cats love my feathers... And gas here -- Beaumont, Texas -- is steady to $1.559 a gallon.
7:44am Stopped at the Jack in the Box. The buxom woman at the counter asked, “Y’all want some sauce with that?” and “Will that be all for y’all?” Cute, and the girls declared something to the effect of “Now we can say we’ve really been in Texas!” Umm, was it just me or did we not drive 900+ miles through pitch black night in a very large southern state.
8:15am Crossed into our destination state. Woo freakin’ hoo. Yes, I am tired. You’d be as well if your duff had been crammed in a not-overly-large SUV (really, I love the car; please don’t leave me in New Orleans by myself. I’m too lazy to fly back…).
10:14am Crossed into New Orleans city limits. The girl got smart suddenly and called the Hotel. The very lovely Hotel Monaco. She was told that there was no traffic jam in front of the hotel -- it was more like thick peanut butter. The information apparently pissed the girl off. I could see steam practically roll from her scalp. I didn’t even quietly cough to express that I knew there would be a traffic congestion.
11:03am Circling around isn't really getting us any closer to the hotel, but at least it forced us to stop (again) for gas, at yet another Chevron, for which we shelled out $15.50 for 9.3 gallons of gas at $1.649 a gallon. Whee.
   ... it's like the balance of Fat Tuesday is a blank. Curious, huh?

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