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On Saturday, 8 March in the words of Bruce Springsteen, or was it Willie Nelson, we're [still] on the road again...
1:20am (MST) I had been drifting in and out of sleep, dreaming of gorgeous chicks, when the brakes were applied and we pulled off the interstate. The sister and her cohort in crime had decided to appropriate some large, barrel-shaped cones off the road. They were a-giggle and running around the vehicle like chickens with their heads lopped off. The girl has quite the dictatorship personality. She instructed me to keep an eye out for other cars while she and the cute sister rearranged the back of the car for the stolen goods. They figured out how to remove the barrel cones from the black rubber circle thingies that were to keep them in place. After much shoving and even kicking of items, two orange barrels with reflector tape were covered in blankets and safely stowed. What a pair of nerds. I do like the appropriated items myself though. I may have to take measures to acquire one for my own nefarious plans.
2:26am Arizona, here we come! Sorry, I was thinking about the I Love Lucy show’s road trip to CA. Closer to home now and further away from all the loons in Nawlins.
6:50am I felt all the moisture evaporate from the air around me. Yes, yes – that’s an impossibility. However, one of the reasons I so enjoy my state is the dryness. All that humidity in Louisiana would have brought out those heinous facial blemishes. So there I was clear-faced as I entered Cali. The bearded guy at the CA Agricultural Inspection Station asked where we coming in from and if we had fruits, veggies, etc. in the car. For a fact, I know I’m traveling with two fruits. Love ‘em to pieces though. The fellow kept shooting strange looks at the blanket-covered cones. Thankfully, we were passed through without having to explain that they were an eBay purchase and so on.
10:12am His Tubbiness called. Thank goodness for speed dial. Still huffy about the lack of razor and shaving cream. What’s a duck to do? I gave him a list of chores and I think he accomplished a quarter of one of the jobs. I should have hired that sitter. Cassie, I believe it was. A cutie and she’s not afraid to slap him upside the head.
2:32pm Pulled into the sisters' homestead. Unloaded all the sisterly crap and the sister as well. I was hugged and well wishes were verbalized. Onward to my own casa, well after the Nerdy One (the first sister) gets her ass in gear.
3:25pm Home at last! Not that I didn’t have a fun time. I’ll let Tubby fellow do my unpacking and anything else I can think for him to do.

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