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On Friday, 7 March, we continued the wandering during our last full day in New Orleans.
6:00am (CST) The jarring voices of two DJs woke me up from my beauty sleep. Both girls looked extremely groggy and as I had surmised, they both decided to reset the alarm to go off in 45 minutes. Bastards.
6:45am Once again, sleeping fitfully this time, the voices were back. No, you dinglebell, not in my head remember the radio alarm clock? The oldest chick calls out, “Hurry, turn that thing off!” I guess she had been dreaming that she was ordering a bean burrito (no onions) for the sister at Taco Bell and she wanted to make sure they heard the order. Riiiiight. I was also told that she dreamt that Lee (the blood drinker) drained my innards dry. What a convoluted mind she has.
8:10am Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Where’s the bleeping car, eh? I heard the girl car the valet service 25 minutes ago. I approached the guy at the stand and he started laughing. I guess Bean Burrito Girl told him the wrong number. I told him make, model and about the cool tire cover and he fetched my conveyance home right away.
8:15am On our way. The car's interior - it's jam-packed. How is jam packed anyway?
12:15pm Emerged in the great state of nothingness. No, not the Tubby One’s cerebrum, but rather, the place I call "Texas."
4:23pm Called the Bald Wonder to check on his status. Perhaps I should have hired a sitter for him. He was in a panic. Couldn’t find the razor and shaving cream. I implored him to stop searching (I did hide them if you were wondering) and wait until I get back to help him. Likely, he’d slice off his nose and eat all the shaving cream. That’ll clear things up.
9:20pm Pulled into Fort Stockton. This is where we sampled Burger King on the trip to Nawlins. Oh yeah, my companions are creative folk. The drive to Nawlins was termed “There.” And now as we head to good ol’ home, we call this portion “Back.” They're lucky they're cute, that's for sure. I was told it was my turn to clean the flattened bugs off the windshield. I didn’t gripe because I was mesmerized by the 8-packs of Dr. Pepper they were selling. Very intriguing.
10:03pm Snoozing. Damn these uneven roads and their attempt to interfere with much needed sleep!
11:58pm Much rejoicing ensued! We crossed into New Mexico and out of that wasteland. The only good thing I’ve found from Texas is that music group, Bowling for Soup. Maybe they should move to California... no, wait -- I think they did. And with this change of states, it also became 10:58pm (Mountain Standard Time).

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