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On Thursday, 6 March, we're just wandering around town doing stuff, and stuff. But I like stuff.
9:30am (CST) The alarm went off and we got to listen to Eminem while we woke up.
10:55am We elevatored ourselves from the 5th floor down to the ground level. The girl checked her e-statement on her bank’s website and “wigged out.” It appeared that she had been charged twice for the hotel stay. Once by and again by Hotel Monaco. Allen at the front desk explained the whats and wherefores and we then resumed our journey
12 noon Headed into Bookstar for (doh!) a book. Jinger (oh the spelling choices) happily took the $7.62.
12:10pm Went into the Virgin Megastore. The nerdy girl had to have Nelly’s first CD, Country Grammar. Quindell helped us out, yo. Derek liked me so much that he asked for his picture taken, but only with me. I’m very special.
12:30pm We had wanted to do the horse and buggy ride around the Quarter yesterday but the price was high. Today we found a guy by the name of Mark and his horse Bosco who only charged $10 per person. I gave him a FrankPen and I got to ride for free. We learned about balconies, Andrew Jackson, the great fires New Orleans experienced during the 18th century, and what a horse’s hindquarters looked like -- up close and personal.
1:15pm Went to the flea market again. Don’t these people get tired of shopping?? I bought the Tubby Bitch a Tang shirt. The sister finally picked out a ring. The girl bought two pairs of earrings from a chick known as the Earring Lady. One set was an elephant and the other pair was gaudy in the extreme. Golf ball sized oranges dangling from Mardi Gras-colored beads. I don’t plan on being around her when she wears them.
2:05pm Took a tour at the 1850 House. We weren’t allowed to touch much, though. Got chamber pot?
2:30pm Visited the Cabildo where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. Did you know that the deal was for about four cents an acre? Not too bad, eh? Here I am sitting on top of the world! I thought I’d go canoeing, wanna come along?
3:35pm Heading back to home base. Met Lauren, a hospitality ranger. Basically, she, and others of her ilk, stand at the busy corners and provide information for lost travelers. She liked the FrankPen. I didn’t give her any duck beads (after all, she was working).
5:39pm Headed out for food at Fiorella’s. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salads, and Coke products were ordered. I shuddered away from the chicken. Eggs are one thing, cooked fowl muscles are another. From there, we ambulated over to Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop to wait for the Haunted History’s Ghost Tour to start.
8:00pm Midian was our very nifty guide. He claims to have visited my website before. Wish I had a duster like his to wear, hint hint. We learned where the friendly ghosts play as well as the murderous fiends lie in wait. At the end of the walking tour, we met Lee who works for the company. He’s a real-life vampire and informative to boot.
10:35pm Once again, the chicks couldn’t stay away from Café Du Monde, so I dressed the part (I thought). They plan on taking some of the fried doughnuts home to the weirdos who like cold, congealed bready things.
10:42pm A towheaded inebriated guy called out to us while we were walking down St. Ann. “I’m giving away free hugs. Would you like one?” The girls laughed, I sighed. The vociferous nerd responded with, “We’re infectious disease carriers.” The young idiot just twirled on down the street, making the offer to other luscious babes and winged ones.
11:09pm All items packed and ready for a 0730 departure. Right. We shall see if that happens. Large inhalation of air, must be time to rest the noggin. Night, y’all.

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