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 "The Cornhusker State"  
Motto:  Equality before the law

"Home of the 100th meridan AND the Dalton water tower." -Frank

Alliance - Home of anti-abortion protest and Carhenge.  I really enjoyed Carhenge; I have no opinion on the former.  (Oct. '02)

Bartlett - The fine home of 131 fine people. And that's about all I can say about it (sorry). (Jun. '03)

Bridgeport - Just a whistle-stop along the road of life.  We're drivers.  And kept driving.  (Oct. '02)

Broadwater - Ditto from Bridgeport... all sign, no substance.  (Oct. '02)

Butte - 452 people and the home of the Butte Pancake Days. (Jun. '03)

Cozad - The 100th meridian.  And damn if they won't let you forget it, neither.  I can't tell you why it matters... but they will.  (Oct. '02)

Dalton - It's small, it's got a water tower.  We slowed long enough for pictures, and sped up again.  (Oct. '02)

Grand Island - Nice park, near nice rest areas, just a slightly rude realtor... overall, not bad. (Jun. '03)

Greenley - 562 people and some really pretty churches. (Jun. '03)

Gurley - Not even big enough for a proper town limits sign, but it did have a 4-way stop at one intersection.  (Oct. '02)

Kimball - For some reason, the images of The Fugitive kept running through my head in this town.  (Oct. '02)

Lincoln - Named in honor of our 16th president, and the state's capital.  (But not the Land of Lincoln -- that's Illinois.)  (Oct. '02)

O'Neill - The biggest little town along Highway 281, north of Grand Island, anyway. (Jun. '03)

Ogallala - 6,000 people, but after being in the car all day, and 100+ miles to go, we didn't feel like looking around.  (Oct. '02)

Omaha - A rather picturesque place, if I dare take the liberty of saying so.  (Oct. '02)

Oshkosh - Featuring two museums we didn't visit.  (Oct. '02)

Sidney - Allegedly "America's Favorite Stopping Place since 1867".  Why?  (Oct. '02)

South Sioux City - Once we saw the sign, we felt we've truly seen it all.  So we left.  (May '02)

Spencer - Quaint, quiet, and generally... well, a nice place for a quick visit. (Jun. '03)

St. Paul - Not a large town, but the boy and I found candy cigarettes, er, stix -- a major score! (Jun. '03)

Sunol - The biggest, bestest building in town was the schoolhouse. Go education! (Mar. '04)

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