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Planning is the key any time you're going to be gone for more than an outing (an outing is less than 24 hours).  Day trips (24 hours or more, by definition, that span a "day") and longer events are scheduled, at least to the best of the ability of the travel planning porpoise that works for me.

Sadly, Europe has been pushed off to 2005, but we may squeeze Canada and perhaps Mexico in this year... the Pacific Paradise tour leg - State of Hawaii tour is set for 2004, just not sure when, yet.

Not yet scheduled for sure: (1) Mexico, (2) Four Corners, Grand Canyon, and Roswell, NM

January  Italy TourSouth Lake Tahoe, California Tahoe City, California Reno, Nevada
February  Mardi Gras 2004
March  Office Expansion - Scout out Midwestern Office Calif. Railroad Museum
April  Interstate 5 Corridor Trip Camping Begin Midwestern Office move-in
May  Wander around NorCal... • Kiwis & Koalas (New Zealand and Australia)
June  Kiwis & Koalas (New Zealand and Australia) • San Francisco Pride Weekend
July  Office Expansion - Scout out/open Southern Office?
August  Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba)
October  Don't Tread on Me Tour (U.S. Tour trip 5 of 6)
All trips and plans are relative to if I feel like going... I can change my mind, too, y'know...

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