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Starting Location:  Hampton, Virginia Ending Location:  Capitol Heights, Maryland
Weather There:  Windy, 60°F

Weather Here:  

Clear, slight breeze, 55°F
Starting Time:  7:09am Eastern Time Ending Time:  5:08pm Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  26,759 Ending Mileage:  27,151
Most expensive toll:  $12 (Chesapeake Bay) News flash:  DC traffic isn't pretty
Times honked at:  1 -- but not sure why, really Car crashes found:  3

Statically speaking a nifty day. We began in Virginia, drove through Maryland, peeked into Delaware, then to the District of Columbia, and stayed the night in Maryland. What the heck...? speaking, we managed to see two car crash sites and witness a third, leading Tubby to conclude traffic in DC is horrible, and people aren't overly great at driving (at least downtown DC).

6:30am The alarm went off. Surprisingly, after the 3:15am bed time last night, I was not eager to get up.
6:58am Accepting bitter defeat, I got up, splashed in the sink, smoothed out the feathers and packed up to go.
7:04am We checked out, and headed down to Shell to add petrol to the car. At the corner, we were privy to seeing the aftermath of two cars rudely meeting in the intersection.
7:07am Whilst pumping gas, I figured I could let you see the little car crash.
7:09am We made our way to the interstate and begin pushing ahead.
7:33am Until we hit traffic. The bad part about Hampton, Virginia is that when you go south through Newport News, Virginia Beach and all those, you're going to hit traffic. And, we did.
8:31am We hit the bridge and began our trip north, which would span the bulk of the day. This first meant we had to cross the 17.6 mile-long Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (and yes, they have a web site:
8:32am After Tubby nearly choked on the $12 bridge toll, we got some comfort in getting a coupon for a free soda at the bridge's cafe and gift shop. Yes, that's right -- there is such a place on the bridge as you go from end to end.
8:34am Okay, so the deal is it's a bridge. A long one. In two places, it becomes a reasonably deep tunnel, to allow ships to pass over the cars without the need for drawbridges and the like. This is one of the those undercrossings.
8:59am Once on the other side, we stopped at the vista point to see... well, the bridge. And to note that lots of people wrote their name and stuff on the wall. And I hate to be left out.
9:02am After a quick stop over at the rest stop whatchmacallit thing just past the vista point, we were on our way the 60 or so miles to the next city.
9:56am And just shy of 10am, we arrived in Onancock. The local deputy is nice enough to not have stopped us for Tubby's illegal parking to get a photo of me with the town sign, and didn't hassle us as we wandered around (which The Man sometimes like to hassle folks, y'dig?). But it was a nifty little town, established 1680.
10:35am We crossed over from Virginia and into Maryland. But plenty more driving until the next town, so we stopped and grabbed more Pepsi.
11:14am Salisbury had the distinct pleasure of being one of the day's fun little places to wander. It had a college and a gospel book store, and when you have all those elements, and a store named after characters of biblical proportions, it's a good time for all. Then, we left.
12:02pm I managed to land in Cambridge. I was ready to shop, but when I saw the asking price at nearly $20 each for Saved! and Fahrenheit 9/11, I balked.
12:33pm We hopped back into the car and popped in the CD I just got as we wandered around the balance of this town. A wrong turn later and I found myself in a rather lovely marina area for this town o' ours.
12:53pm Easton will never rank in the order of New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. Still, it had its appeal, although limited. And even to this moment, I have no idea why the police sergeant parked in the middle of the intersection, and looked like he was going to direct traffic -- while the signals were up and running fine.
1:34pm We headed up north further to Queenstown, where we veered east toward Delaware. I figure if there's a state capital within 50 miles, I should give it a look.
2:04pm I set my first webbed toe into Delaware, the First State. (They were the first colony in the Union to ratify the U.S. Constitution, having signed it December 7, 1787, there in Dover.)
2:28pm i arrived in Dover and loved the town instantly. It had a quaint, small-town charm and appeal to it, while not leaving you as though you lacked any of the trappings of big city life. It's all the sense of community without the worry of crime.
2:52pm We finally knew time was nearing an end, and headed back to Maryland, bound for that state's capital.
3:57pm Just as rush-hour traffic was kicking up, Annapolis filled our sights. Over the span of the next 40 minutes, we wandered around, sat in slow-and-go traffic, and Tubby less-than-subtly looking in the direction of this girl on a Vespa. (She got away, of course -- those are agile little scooters.)
5:05pm Hopping back onto Highway 50, we found ourselves in Washington DC for a wander (through traffic) and photo session, before we'd head to the motel for the night.
5:14pm Then it gets interesting. Robin spots a place I could, and really, should own. Tubby hears nothing, because he's on the phone.
5:16pm Oops, no more phone. These nice guys pull along side us and point out it's illegal to be on the phone whilst driving in DC -- and it's a $100 fine. That settled that, of course.
5:22pm After parking, Tubby hops back on the phone, and leads us down Pennsylvania Avenue. But not without reading the map. He's a bit obnoxious when Robin points out that while the river blow our bridge is lovely, this ain't Oz, and he's not the wizard. We return to the car, and he *finally* hangs up.
6:29pm Heading toward the plaza of monuments and stuff, we manage to get our first peek at this little fella.
6:33pm We hop from the car and wander around the Washington DC monuments as the sun is setting. As pretty things go, it's not too bad.
8:02pm Enough of that, we head back to the car, and almost make it before -- whump, a car crash right in front of us. It seems a woman with tall hair and short-heeled shoes makes a sudden left, and is tagged by the first car (woman's front passenger panel and tire are whacked), and the other car loses a headlight and stuff. But then, car number three clips other car's rear passenger taillight, and more plastic. Fortunately, all were alive and moving, so we moved on. (And it just occurred to me... that was a one-way street she was trying to turn onto. Tourists.)
8:11pm We got into the freeway. We thought. The road led to Highway 495, then to 395 south (we wanted north). I exited and turned around, then eventually, got through traffic, after passing another crash, and made excellent time down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Belt?).
8:57pm In any event, that took me only 7 miles away from our motel. This despite we only started 10 miles away, 45 minutes ago.
8:59pm Exiting the interstate, we found and checked into room 240 of the Motel 6 at exit 15B. Techy description, eh? ;)
9:04pm We ventured out one last time, they to get food and I to wander Target a bit. When both missions were completed, we returned to the motel.
9:28pm I settled in to work on updates, and everyone else konked out. And I'm determined to get more sleep than last night, so 1:30am is my end-all, be-all bedtime tonight.
12:59am Everything is written and posted, so I'm doing well for my goal end time. Yea!
1:13am All posting is done (I think I may have mastered the notion of pre-posting).
1:15am Too lazy to check the links in my sleepy state. If you find something broke, yell in my general direction.
1:24am Okay, this, that and the other thing are done -- I'm off to bed. G'night, y'all.

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