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Pacific Paradise Tour

The Pacific Paradise Tour marks the sixth and last -- after EIGHT long years of waiting -- to complete what I had hoped would have been a far faster process.Who knew? But at last, I've set webbed foot into the 50th State in the Union.*

Unlike past trips -- all of them, in fact -- this one involved setting up a base camp and working outward from there, because face it, Hawaii is an island, and even the larger ones in terms in size do not mean the entire place is blessed with nice highways, plentiful hotel accommodation, or things to see that don't involve mounds of lava rock. Just to put it out there up front, eh.

O'ahu Hawai'i
O'ahu Island Map Hawaii Island Map

* Somewhat curious in that Hawaii was the 50th state admitted to the Union, and I only recall there are 49 in all. Odd.

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