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Starting Location:  Rouses Point, New York Ending Location:  Nashua, New Hampshire
Weather There:  Overcast and cold, 38°F

Weather Here:  

Partly cloudy, 58°F
Starting Time:  6:50am Eastern Time Ending Time:  6:52pm Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  29,172 Ending Mileage:  29,579
Total drive time today:  7 hours, 42 minutes Total miles driven so far:  3,843
Springfield towns seen:  2 today Average miles per day:  427

A three-state day, although claiming anything of New York is cheating, since we only slept there last night, and even then the town is just on the other side of the New York-Vermont state line. But then again, the stopping point of Nashua, New Hampshire is only two miles or so from the New Hampshire-Massachusetts state line, so I could be quite the liar-liar before the day's done.

6:00am You guessed it -- alarm. I made sure Tubby was sufficiently nudged to go get a sunrise picture or two, and went back to sleep.
6:04am To my alarm and surprise, Tubby was already out of bed and doing morning stuff.
6:09am Tubby was even ahead of me in loading his stuff into the car.
6:16am Now I've got it. My powers of influence over Tubby are still complete. I'd suggested, last night, that he capture the sunrise over Lake Champlain, which is on the other side of the street from the motel. He's gone out with a camera and a hooded sweatshirt to wait for the occasion.
6:23am Of course, what the lad fails to realize is that sunrise is (was) at 7:04am today, and with the clouds being what they are, well... good luck and fat chance on seeing a sunrise.
6:50am Given to surrender, we take a few photos of Rouses Point, then begin the day's travels.
7:12am Hopping the bridge, we break into Vermont without so much as a fight. But it seems the Vermont folk are okay catering to Canadians... distances are in both miles and kilometers in places, and in a few spots, road signs are posted in both English and French.
7:47am Trekking down the highway, we found ourselves amidst drizzle, but more delightfully, St. Albans.
8:13am The numerous Diet Pepsis consumed catches up with us, and we pop into the first Vermont-based rest stop we've seen. Let me tell you, it was a delight. There's an attendant at an informational desk, the place is clean, dry, warm, and welcoming. Top notch!
8:41am We arrive in Burlington, discover the place is a total college town, and that students are going to class, so I'd guess today being Columbus Day doesn't play into a day off for them. We also bumped into some creatively painted houses around town.
9:17am A few turns that weren't so much wrong as they were not right, we finally get out of town.
9:34am The second, even more delightful rest stop visit. This one had the informational attendant, complimentary coffee and snacks, and the rest rooms were great -- plenty of space, motion-activated faucets in the sinks, soap that's the foamy kind instead of the liquid, and hand dryers that actually blow enough to do something more than encourage you to wipe your hands on your shirt.
10:03am We jumped off the interstate to see Stowe and such; along the way, I was impressed with the quilt of colors adorning the hillside above the lush green meadow.
10:08am The sights of Stowe -- but no sounds of music -- greeted us as we rolled into town. (The Trapp Family Lodge is apparently related to the von Trapps as featured in the musical The Sound of Music.)
10:36am Leaving Stowe, we stopped in at Ben & Jerry's Factory, which I was surprised to find along the way between Stowe and the interstate.
11:03am Montpelier is both the state's capital city and the city we next stopped to visit in.
11:29am Just a stone's throw away is Barre, which isn't the capital of anything, but is a town that doesn't let that technical hurdle stand in their way.
12:47pm Though a gross navigational error, we ended up southbound on the interstate instead of the highway. D'oh.
12:49pm After consulting a map, and using a very powerful blue Bic pen, we rearrnaged the trip.
1:03pm We stopped into Springfield, Vermont to engage in Tubby's on-going quest to find the town that inspired The Simpsons creator to create their fictional city. But given it's fictional, I've tried explaining the meaning of the word, but he's insistent the place exists, somewhere.
1:50pm After having a mediocre lunch, we shove off, and finished wandering around Springfield (Vermont).
2:08pm It couldn't be avoided, so we ended up crossing over into New Hampshire continue the adventure.
2:58pm Lovely lake picture, anyone?
3:25pm Tubby led us quite out of our way to visit Springfield, New Hampshire, if only for us to point out that this, too, isn't a "fictional" town.
3:42pm An intense amount of driving along slow, winding country begins.
4:53pm Those winding roads eventually got us out to the interstate, and we have arrived in Concord.
5:11pm Venturing into the toll highway, we coughed up the 75 cents to give it a ride. Just before the toll plaza, we saw an odd sight -- a liquor store next to the state-funded rest stop. What the...?!? Also neat were the "exact change" lanes, where you just toss your three quarters (or 75 cents, or tokens) into the large steel basket, it counts the money and gives you a green light, or... dunno -- we got a green light.
5:27pm Picking up speed as sun begins threatening to disappear, we hit Manchester.
5:45pm Finding signs rare, we end up at the airport to get a picture of a Manchester sign, before taking an alternate highway south, avoiding the toll roads (we were low on quarters).
6:08pm Shadows greeted us upon arriving in Nashua.
6:52pm After some wandering around, we hit Motel 6, checked in, and secured room 343 easily enough.
6:56pm Back in the car, the quest for food begins.
7:24pm Arriving at Ruby Tuesdays -- a startling 3 minutes drive from the motel, but a meander to get here -- we were seated and did the whole dinner ritual.
8:09pm Exiting, we returned to the motel's 'hood, bought gas for the car and a couple of Diet Pepsis for me, figuring I'd be up well past midnight writing, given the lateness of the hour already.
8:17pm Right as rain, we're back, and I'm starting the updates now, beginning with posting all of yesterdays stuff (late due to the lack of connections to the internet).
12:24am Updates done, and the biggest chunk of them posted.
12:51am All of the pre-bed stuff is done, so I'm going to erase the "pre-" bit of that and turn in. G'night!

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